About Land Rover 4×4 Hearse

Land Rover funerals offer a unique 4×4 Land Rover hearse and support vehicle

Land Rover Funerals 4×4 funeral vehicles are iconic and instantly recognisable.  They are suitable for both country and city based funerals.  They offer you the opportunity to express and show off your loved one’s passion in life.  Land Rover Funerals Defender hearse is available with matching following vehicle. The support vehicle seats 7 passengers and provides a unique and distinctive specialised fleet. Finished in Land Rovers autobiography colour scheme of silver and black our vehicles are the only ones of their kind.

Looking for Land Rover 4×4 hearse hire in the South East, East Anglia, the Midlands, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, or Dorset? Call us today.

Why choose Land Rover’s 4×4 Funeral Hearse Hire in Essex?

If you know someone who is a Land Rover and 4×4 enthusiast, you will know that they spend much of their time in their beloved road runners.  The Land Rover Defender is a very special vehicle and provides a stunning and alternative hearse. Pay tribute to your loved one and the love they had for the vehicle taking them on their final journey. Land Rover Funerals in Essex is proud to provide clients with a completely bespoke service. Furthermore, we guarantee that all our Land Rover 4×4 hearse hire meets the high standards expected from our customers when arranging unique funeral hearses.

Funeral Fleet Hire Available throughout the South East

Our Land Rover 4×4 Funeral hearse is a stylish and fitting tribute to those who enjoyed the country or off-road terrain. Or perhaps, they just liked to live life a little differently. Without a doubt, our vehicles provide a wonderful alternative to the traditional hearse. Together with the follow-on vehicle, this mode of funeral transport is guaranteed to raise a smile as you remember your loved one.

Death will always be taken seriously, but it’s now shifting in other ways.  There is now room for the more unusual or different.  When it comes to alternative funeral vehicles, they are becoming more sought after.

If you would like to know more about our Land Rover Funeral Transport Hire Services talk to us. We are available across the South East, East Anglia, the Midlands, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, or Dorset. Please don’t hesitate and call us today, our capable team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

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