Land Rover Funerals 4×4 hearse hire service across the UK.    

A good funeral director will take the time to get to know the life story of the person who has died, their hobbies and interests. This enables them, to be able to make suggestions to the bereaved family and ensure that the service they give is completely bespoke. 

Land Rover Funerals provide a reliable, affordable 4×4 hearse hire service which is why Funeral Directors across the UK choose to work with us

Personalisation isn’t just restricted to the flowers you choose, or the coffin. Since we now see an increase in alternative and unique 4×4 funeral transport, this personalisation can also include the hearse. We wholeheartedly believe that all funerals should be personal and fitting to the person.

Affordable 4×4 hearse hire service to Funeral Directors

Peoples expectations of services, when arranging a funeral are changing. With this in mind, the funeral industry is also adapting to keep up with peoples wishes. Land Rover Funerals provide a service 4×4 hearse hire service across the UK, to Funeral Directors. Often, these funeral directors are keen to offer their families the traditional values that are expected, but also include the modern touches and trends, thus allowing families to personalise their loved ones funeral.

An adventurous send off

Our Land Rover Defender hearse, British through and through, is one of the UK’s most recognised and iconic vehicles. Suitable for off-road detours, our 4×4 Hearse Hire across the UK, opens up a whole new element to an adventurous sendoff.

Read our reviews and find out why we are one of the most trusted suppliers to 4×4 hearse hire services to funeral directors in the UK.

4x4 hearse hire uk
4x4 hearse hire uk
4x4 hearse hire uk
4x4 hearse hire uk


How to book our 4×4 Hearse Hire Services

We have 2 stunning Land Rover Funeral Hearses available 7 days a week for hire by pre–booked appointment. We cover all of Essex, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and many other counties throughout the UK. If you are interested in our 4×4 hearse hire funeral vehicles or would like any further information then please do not hesitate to call Land Rover Funerals on 01277 210104 – we will do the rest!

pre-paid funeral plans
Bringing a smile to many faces on what was a very sad day, your beautiful Land Rover Hearse was a fitting tribute to our dad, and we like to think that we sent him off in a style he would have much appreciated. The vehicle was immaculate and your staff were so kind and compassionate. I would highly recommend your services.
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Amanda Sharpe

February 16, 2022

land rover funeral hearse hire

Freephone 01277 210104

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land rover funeral hearse
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land rover 4x4 hearse hire
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